Cleveland Soccer Stadium

The future home of professional outdoor soccer in Northeast Ohio will seat 12,000-13,000, prioritize public transportation and be the first public-private investment in women's sports. Welcome home, soccer.

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Build the beautiful game a home.


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Picture this: it's 2026.

You're sitting in a new soccer stadium, in Cleveland, watching your favorite soccer team kick-off on opening day.

Cleveland's soccer stadium will be home to our future women's professional soccer team; it's an essential piece of our NWSL bid. It will also be home to our MLS NEXT Pro (men's) team and host other local teams and events.

stadium map

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do we need a soccer stadium?

The stadium plan (and the fans to fill it) are the cornerstone of our bid to bring an NWSL team to Cleveland. It's not only required for us to win the bid, but it will make our soccer teams more successful in the long run.

Building the right-sized, right-equipped venue to host NWSL, MLS Next Pro, high school and college soccer, and other field sports is key to the best experiences for fans and athletes. 

The venue will also host concerts, festivals and other events.

Who will use the stadium?

The stadium will host matches for our prospective NWSL (women's) team and our incoming MLS Next Pro (men's) team, as well as local college and high school sporting events, concerts and festivals.

The NWSL team will be the primary tenant, making this stadium the first public-private investment in a venue built for women's sports. 

We currently have 60-70 events slated to take place in the venue each year.

How many games & events will it host?

We currently have 60-70 events slated to take place in the venue each year, including matches for our prospective NWSL (women's) team, incoming MLS Next Pro (men's) team, local college and high school sporting events.

Where will the stadium be built?

The stadium will be built downtown, across the street from Progressive Field, in an area currently dubbed South Gateway. Here's a map:

Map of the stadium location

What is the seating capacity?

For a soccer match, it will seat between 12,000-13,000 fans. Estimates for other events, like concerts, depend on setup.

How much will the stadium cost?

The stadium will cost $150 million. The total project (stadium, training facilities & team operations) will cost $283 million.

What is the public-private investment?

  1. Entire project cost: $283 million, including public and private investment into the publicly owned $150-million soccer stadium.

  2. We’re seeking $90 million (32% of entire project) in public money, from the City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County and the State of Ohio. Public support would be largely funded through bonds repaid by new revenues generated from the stadium (e.g. admissions taxes, sales taxes, parking taxes, employment taxes).

  3. It will be a publicly owned stadium (government owns it; team holds a lease).

  4. Cleveland Pro Soccer will invest $193 million (68% of the total project), including $60 million for the stadium.

  5. We will commit $133 million for team training facilities and NWSL & MLS Next Pro team operations.

What is the stadium's economic impact?

According to a study, the stadium would generate $4.1 billion in economic impact in its first 30 years in operation. Here's how that number breaks down:

Economic impact numbers


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It's (past) time to invest in women's sports

As Parity Now puts it: fans are into it, more fans are coming, and investing in women's sports is the equitable and right thing to do.

Cleveland's soccer stadium, which will be built specifically for our women's pro team, will be the first public-private investment in women's sports and the only investment of its kind in Ohio. We're excited to lead the way.

Women playing soccer


When Cleveland Pro Soccer announced the city's MLS NEXT Pro (men's) team in November 2022, bidding for a women's professional soccer team was the natural next step.

Two teams — a women's team and a men's team — was always our vision. Once the NWSL announced that it was expanding, we started building our bid to bring a women's pro soccer team to Cleveland.

What do you mean by bid?

We're presenting the business case that Northeast Ohio is the right market for a women's professional soccer team. It includes our financials, where the team will play, our vision for the greater impact on Northeast Ohio and why this region is the right market to make this team successful.

A HUGE part of that presentation is fan support. That's why we're asking people, like you, to make a ticket pledge. Help us show the NWSL tangible evidence that Northeast Ohio is ready to fill this stadium and support this team!

Why Cleveland?

Cleveland fans are renowned for our devotion. We show up. We bleed our team's colors. And despite our mid-market size, Cleveland is a Top 10 Pro Sports City. Yet: we've been the only major sports market without a professional outdoor soccer team.

What is the NWSL?

The National Women's Soccer League is a professional women's soccer league at the top of the United States league system. It's the fastest-growing professional sports league in the United States. Media coverage and women's sports are growing because there's a demand, a drive, a love for these teams, athletes and sports.

And we want to see make this happen in Cleveland.