Make it loud & clear, Cleveland

Fan support is central to our bid for a women's professional soccer team in 2024. Pledge your support and help us show the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) that Northeast Ohio is ready to support this team.

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How to pledge your support:

Pick your LoyalCLE merch ›

Buy a LoyalCLE shirt, onesie and/or rewards card. Each one comes with your pledge kit: sticker, supporter updates & the thrill of being part of history. Plus: your spot in line when tickets go on sale.

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Make your ticket pledge ›

When you add LoyalCLE merch to cart, we'll ask how many tickets you pledge to buy. This pledge helps us show the NWSL that Cleveland has fans, that we will show up & support this team.

Show your LoyalCLE!

Every day is LoyalCLE day. When you get your pledge ticket, take a photo with your merch, tag us and post on social. Show everyone why you've pledged support and encourage them to back the bid, too.

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Your LoyalCLE Pledge Kit Includes:

Spot in line for tickets

When tickets go on sale for our team, you'll be one of the first people in line!

Plus: your ticket pledge shows the NWSL Cleveland means business. We're ready to fill this stadium and be the best fans.

Pledge sticker

We're making history together! That deserves a sticker. Put it on a notebook, fridge, laptop. Wherever it goes: this sticker tells everyone you're in it to win.

Exclusive stadium updates

Be one of the first to know when we announce stadium details.

We'll send updates when it's announced, as it's being built and all the way up to opening day!

LoyalCLE Collection Merch

Get the T-shirt, onesie and LoyalCLE card that says, "I've been here from the beginning."

Our apparel is a limited edition collaboration with CLE Clothing Co. that shows your LoyalCLE to this team and the city.

The rewards card gives you exclusive discounts to local Cleveland businesses. Each purchase shows your pledge to back the bid for a women's soccer team in Cleveland! 

Digital badge

Post it on social, put it in your email signature and show you're a supporter with your official LoyalCLE digital badge.

Bid & team updates

You're on this NWSL bid team, friend!

When you back the bid, you become one of the first people we tell about progress on the bid, updates about the team and everything that comes with being an NWSL city.

about our bid
Turn this dream into a women's pro soccer team

Our bid to the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) in 2024 will show why Northeast Ohio is ready to support a women's professional soccer team.

Learn why now is the time to do this, how the bid works and why your support is essential to bringing the NWSL to Cleveland.

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Join us on this journey

Here's what to expect between now and opening day in Cleveland women's professional soccer.
OCT. 2023

NWSL Bid Announced

About a year after announcing our MLS NEXT Pro team, we launched our LoyalCLE campaign to build public support and momentum to bring an NWSL team to Cleveland.

NOV. 2023

Pledge Kits En Route

Packages hit the mail and we started seeing LoyalCLE shirts around Cleveland and all over social media.

DEC. 26, 2023

LoyalCLE Day

Thanks to everyone who wore your LoyalCLE shirt, posted a photo on social and told everyone why you support bringing professional women's soccer to Northeast Ohio. 

EARLY 2024

Stadium Announcement

We're trying to fill a stadium with these ticket pledges. We look forward to showing you where we'll be cheering on these soccer teams. Stay tuned.

EARLY 2024

Present NWSL Bid

We're going to New York to show the NWSL that Cleveland is ready to support a women's soccer team and should be selected as the 16th team in the league.


Let's go!

If we win the bid and become the 16th NWSL team, we'll be the first women's professional soccer team in Ohio. We'll hire a coaching staff, team and support staff to make this dream a reality in Cleveland.



Picture it: opening day for the new NWSL team in Cleveland. Feel the excitement in the air, hear the soccer chants booming from the crowd, know that you were part of making this happen.
(Now, let's go win it!)